Odds are that you have arrived on this site for one of a few reasons. Explore these for the fastest answers. 

First things first – I’m a real person! I’ve been in this line of work going on 6 years and have compiled a list of a few testimonials to share the impact I’ve had on real people just like me and you. I live in Denver and I’m the best in the world at what I do. If you want to know who I’ve worked with, how I got here, and what I charge – scroll to the video below. 

The best way to keep up with me is to connect on LinkedIn and Instagram. I frequently write articles and put up reels to share my thoughts and the work I’m most proud of. 

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This is my favorite reason people land on this site. If you’re like me and you know what you want – I want to help you get it. If you are 100% serious about leveling up your life and know I’m the guy to help you do it – book a 20min call here and we’ll see if we’re a fit. 

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About + Story + Pricing + Certifications

When people sit down with me it’s usually to ask a few questions. Here I’ll try to answer all those questions in one video so we can get to creating your amazing life. 



If you see a lion in the wild, your first instinct might be to slowly back away. If you walk into a room and your idol is standing there, you might be star struck. Most of the time when we encounter power we get shy. However, power just might be the answer you’ve been looking for on how to become the best version of you. Power shouldn’t be feared, it should be respected – just like you. Are you ready to unleash your powerful self? 




Hello – my name is Carter and I am a dragon tamer. 

It’s not a joke. For years I worked tirelessly to slay dragons around the world. Running from client to client and healing one trauma after another. One day I realized a few important facts:

1. Everyone has dragons. Most people keep them in their basements until they burn the house down. 

2. A dragon on your team is worth more than 100 dead dragons when it’s time to fight for your tribe. 

In 2017 I made dragon taming my full time career. Most folks think of me as their coach or mentor, but all of my clients can tell you that we do a lot more than talking in our sessions. I enjoy using all the tools in my toolbox to dive deep into the nervous system and subconscious mind and smoke out the dragons. If you have the time and patience you will find that your greatest moments of shame and loss can be your greatest assets in fighting for the freedom of you and your tribe. 

If you have dragons in your life, I am here and ready to help you tame them. We can meet in person near my home in Denver, CO USA or virtually anywhere in the world. Don’t wait another minute to conquer your dragons and unleash your most powerful life. 

Our Clients

The Facts and the FAQs

Is coaching like therapy?

Yes and no. Therapy is often a tool for accessing and processing the past and present. Coaching takes a view of the person as a whole and uses various tools to help them heal from the past, excel in the present, and design their bulletproof future. 

How often do we meet? What's the process like?

Each client has unique circumstances and needs. Carter prides himself in tailor-fitting each package to the specific situation of each client. Sometimes this will include a VIP retreat, sometimes regular meetings, and other times we get to be creative with how we solve your particular puzzle. 

How is Carter qualified to help me?

Carter has been doing this work for many years now and has trained under folks from around the world that are the premier coaches in their specialties. He has training in NLP, TFT, EMT, Mediumship, Psychic journey facilitation, Spiritual Awakening, Executive Coaching, Chakra Healing, Negotiation, Sales, and Marketing. His work speaks for itself and can be viewed through the lens of past clients on our Testimonial page. 

Can't I do this on my own?

Sure. Anything Carter knows can be acquired by years of study, countless trial and error attempts, and likely a few million dollars. If you’ve decided to discover your highest self it isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and how. Are you willing to wait to live your most abundant life?

How much does it cost?

We specialize in providing a bespoke service in a high level one-to-one delivery. Our clients get to take center stage and Carter provides everything needed to achieve their greatest aspirations. The cost of service depends on the needs of the client. The first step is to book a 20min call so we can see if we are an energetic fit. 

Is now the right time?

Only you can know when you’re ready for the journey of a lifetime. There will always be reasons to put it off. Perhaps next year your kids will be older. Maybe you’ll feel more able to invest in yourself when the business grows a bit more. Maybe you’ve had a lot of change in your life lately and just don’t want to rock the boat. These are all excuses that keep the rest of the world muzzled and small. You aren’t small. Don’t put off investing in yourself. When you put your oxygen mask on first you will be astonished at how much you can help others. 



Sprint Days

Most of our clients don’t have a minute to lose. They’ve spent enough time slumming it in middle management or playing second fiddle to the rest of their family. These days are designed to stretch your mind, heal your limiting beliefs, and unlock the answers you need for the problems you’re facing now. Sprint days are a great way to see how you like the coaching experience or to bring Carter in to work in depth with a small group of individuals. 

1-1 Coaching

Maybe you were the shy guy in class. Maybe you don’t like waiting while everyone else works through things together. Either way, if you want a highly tailored experience – then 1-1 coaching is for you. Most coaching engagements are 4 months long. All 1-1 clients must participate in a Sprint Day before being qualified for long-term coaching. 

VIP Packages

If you’re more of a sprinter than a marathon runner – intensive coaching may be for you. We have the best coaches in the world, a private chef, and a place for you to retreat to in the Colorado Mountains and spend 3 intensive days just with you. There’s nothing like this anywhere in the world.